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The Grand Old Opry — On Fire?

One day I was eating lunch alone. I was captivated by the conversation of two men sitting at the table beside me. They were talking about their hobbies. One man talked about how he had been playing guitar most of his life. He told a story that was compelling whether it was true or not.

He said he played the Grand Old Opry in 1979. He was 19 years old. He was an opening act. He can’t remember the headliner.

He said backstage was like nothing he had ever seen. There were lots of beautiful women. He saw things he hadn’t seen before or since.

When it came close to time go on stage he was shaking like a leaf. The stage manager asked if he was nervous.

He replied that he was very nervous. The stage manager told him he would be ok. Then he said something that will never be forgotten.

“Just go out there and play like your ass was on fire”! he exclaimed.

And so, he did. He hit the stage full of confidence and played a great set.



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