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Convicted highjacker Zvonko Busic to make presentation at aviation safety seminar

Zvonko Busic, having served 32 years in prison for his role in the 1976 hijacking of a TWA jet in support of Croatian independence from former Yugoslavia, has agreed to address the “Violence in the Skies” seminar, where he will explain why he and his colleagues hijacked the aircraft, how they did so, and describe how the two-day incident – which started in New York and ended in Paris – unfolded and concluded.

The “Violence in the Skies” seminar will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on February 1-4, 2011. The annual seminar addresses varied in-flight security issues, ranging from hijacking to disruptive passengers and from cockpit laser illumination to legislation.  The event also includes a hijack exercise, in which all delegates will have the opportunity to participate.

I contacted Green Light Seminars myself, and was told that as this is an industry event for aviation professionals, they will not be issuing a press release or promoting this event in the media.

You can sign up to attend the seminar by clicking here.


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